Yesterday morning was spent wrapping my latest commission for delivery. I carefully folded hand-torn vellum and sealed it with a "P&S" sticker, then finished off the process by delicately wrapping the painting with hand stamped brown kraft paper. With a final flourish of twine, Hudson the dachshund's painting was safely hidden from sight. Wrapping complete, I hopped on my bike--painting and camera in tow--to deliver Hudson's painting. 

Hudson is a miniature dachshund with a big personality. He's quite the charmer and when his owners told me this, and explained their personal style, I knew exactly where to go with their painting. Drawing inspiration from legends like Frank Sinatra, Hudson's painting quickly appeared on my canvas. Topped with a fedora (detailed with the same pattern as Hudson's own collar!) and looking smug in a bow tie, Hudson's cheeky personality came to life on canvas.