Ricki Stardust

When Audrey emailed me about painting their Wheaten, Ricki, I was ecstatic. Why? Because David Bowie was their inspiration. Ricki was described to me as an excited girl, full of nervous energry...always bouncing around with her huge personality. They described her as a David Bowie fan girl, recovering from years on the groupie bandwagon. A little crazy, a little shell shocked, a lot of fun. With this in mind, Ricki Stardust was born.

Rick_Custom Pet Portrait.jpg

Remembering : Maisy

Pets play a huge role in our lives from the minute they prance through our front doors. They become our daily companions--there to greet you in the morning and cuddle next to you on the couch at night. They're there through it all...new jobs, breakups, engagements, cross country moves. A large part of what I do involves creating painting in remembrance of these incredible members of our families, who still leave stirring impressions even after they've gone. 

This past Christmas I had the privilege of creating one such painting in honor of a sassy Shiba named Maisy. Her parents initial email made me smile and tear up.  We came to the conclusion that her outgoing and cheeky personality was calling for some 1920's flare. I couldn't wait to get started. The result? I'll let Maisy's parents say it here:

"We love the painting so much. I find myself smiling at it every time I walk by her, and Dave too. The other night we were on our way out to dinner & he was smiling, so I asked why and he said oh I was just looking at Maisy. ... This is my only gift for Christmas and it might just be the best gift I've ever received… can't thank you enough. "

Holiday Special

More exciting news for the Holidays! Any order placed for an 11x14, 16x20, or 24x24 Pennys and Stamps custom painting will include a special gift basket with goodies from Pupcakes, Bits and Pieces and Pennys and Stamps! Each wicker gift basket comes brimming with treats; a box of 6 festive cookies, a 1/2 pound bag of treats of your choice, a rope toy, and a custom christmas ornament.  To see the full description head over to the listing on the Pupcakes Bits and Pieces website. This offer is only available between November 15th-December 5th! Mention "PUPCAKES" when purchasing a painting through the Pennys and Stamps Store.


Happy Holidays!