About the artist

My name is Claire. I live in Philadelphia with my amazing boyfriend Pat, our cat Penny, and our floppy, muppet of a dog named Stamps.


About the process

Every animal we love as part of our family has a personality. Stamps is a loving goofball who is vulnerable to long periods of thoughtful window staring. Penny is a beautifully lazy lady who is prone to fits of absurd, self-indulgent insanity, most commonly expunged from her tiny body by running buck-wild up and down our hallway or attacking ankles as they emerge from the bathroom.

Taking the personalities of pets and combining them with their owners personal style creates the direction of a Pennys & Stamps painting. After a brief description of their pet's personality, a photograph, and an explanation of their personal aesthetic I'm able to create a sketch to present to the owner. Hours of research go into creating historically accurate clothing and style in each painting, and once a final sketch has been approved, the painting begins and within a week the final painting is shipped. 

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